George Fox the Mule

Toma Abraham rides George Fox the Mule while Julian Brelsford looks on

In 2010, Heads Together received a request for help with transportation in the Morne Bouton community. Community leader and health worker Elisee “Toma” Abraham requested a mule to help move supplies and people up the mountain to his community. From Fayette (our center of operations in Haiti) it is about a 2 hour walk to Morne Bouton.

Toma Abraham, community leader in Latounel: “Hi Julian — I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am that you and Gerald helped me purchase a mule. That’ll help me a lot with my work. I lost all of the animals I had in the earthquake. But I was left living. Many thanks to you and the team you work with. I’m glad you have not forgotten the Haitian people, and the suffering and loss we’ve been through.