Cholera Prevention Education

Gerald Lumarque requested that they would like to do a training session on cholera prevention for those young adults in community groups here who can read and write, so they can teach people in the surrounding area (including up in the mountains and in Darbonne) about cholera prevention. We’d fund 20 people for 2 months, to share this information in the area.

Cholera information session in Latounel

By December 14th, 2010 our Cholera Prevention program had reached 609 Haitians!

Then Gerald wrote that they needed 30 five-gallon buckets with spigots, for 30 churches – we’ll put chlorine-treated water in each bucket so that churchgoers can wash their hands. This will help get the word out to different communities about hand-washing.
Printed on the bucket : protect yourself and your family against any microbes that can make you sick. Use treated water with “Water Guardian” – special bucket

The final results were that we provided cholera prevention education in 75 separate sessions that reached over 4000 people in 20 communities. Gerald – your work makes a huge difference for the whole Darbonne / Leogane area in Haiti!