It’s one year since the Haiti earthquake. It seems an appropriate time to look at what we’ve accomplished and what remains to be accomplished.

With help from Haiti Partners, we were able to rebuild our elementary school in Cabois, Haiti.

We ran an education program that taught over 4000 people the basics about cholera treatment and prevention. In eight of these communities, we’ve also given adult literacy center participants the opportunity to learn to read and write, along with basic financial literacy.

We brought several volunteers from the US to Haiti in November.

We’ve been able to support both the Cabois school and the Annonciation school (Darbonne) to cover their operating costs.

But what we’re most excited about is that we’ve offered the people we work with our respect and friendship. We’ve offered them opportunities to become more self-reliant, and more able to see themselves as people who contribute something to the world around them.

As we face the challenges that are ahead, we’ll need to see leadership not just from the more influential and well-educated among us, but from every community where we work. We’ll set our goals based on the creativity and dreams from everyone who’s part of our work, rather than an elite among us.

So we’re exploring possibilities around funding the expansion of our programs through a socially responsible coffee business and a computer business. A lot of work is still ahead – people in our communities want safe drinking water, opportunities to work, and better access to food and health care.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support!