• Funnel as much money as possible into the hands of low-income folks in Haiti — people most of us have met personally (our friends, led by Gerald Lumarque of Heads Together in Fayette/Darbonne and John Engle and Kent Annan of Haiti Partners in Port-au-Prince.)

• Redistributing the wealth from our friends in the US to our friends in Haiti is at the core of what we do.

• The opportunity for these friends to interact across the sea exists through sharing stories, social media, and actually traveling to Haiti. Building a relationship with our friends is not necessary to be a part of this team, but highly encouraged!

• Our friends in Haiti determine needs, and we raise money for their particular needs at their request. We work with them to determine the best use of funds, but it’s their call. Money raised beyond our goals is distributed to our friends or held in the bank (Circle of Hope reserve account) until the next need arises. This team does not have the mandate to pick and choose what gets funded – our friends in Haiti determine how the money will be spent. We serve as stewards.

• Share the Story! This team is just as much about storytelling and making connections as it is about fundraising.

Fundraising Goals:
• $20,000 by the end of 2012 (we’re already at $8000!)
• $1,000,000 (one. million. dollars.) by the end of 2017