Team Members

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Gerald Lumarque,
Program Administrator

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Julian Brelsford,

Founder of USA Heads Together Haiti


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Vanessa Caruso

Vanessa has been involved with Heads Together Haiti for about two years. She lives in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia with her husband, Steven Annan. Her brother-in-law Kent Annan is the co-director of Haiti Partners, an organization with which Heads Together Haiti works closely. She and Steve are members of Circle of Hope, Frankford & Norris congregation. She recently finished her master’s degree in Spiritual Formation, and is interested in opening her own business where she (and others) sell their art whose profits go to benefit those in need.

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Ashley Walliser,
Circle of Hope Treasurer

Ashley began working with Heads Together Haiti in 2009. She lives in South Jersey with her husband Tom. She has her M.S. in Nonprofit Management and works and volunteers with the homeless community in South Jersey. She also participates in the Circle of Hope community.

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Elizabeth Martin


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Nick Schummer,
Circle of Hope Team Leader

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