Stories from Fayet

Gerald, program director:

I started participating in community organizing in Fayet because I was
seeing people in the community who didn’t know how to read or write.
They needed someone to bring leadership– for literacy, and for
economic reasons. So I started to help with adult literacy programs.
We decided to put together a team that would give loans to people in
order to allow them to run small commerce shops. People in the
community promised to be responsible for each other’s loans. This way,
repayments will allow people who haven’t received a loan yet, to get a
loan using the money that has been repaid.




Credit Program Participant 1

Age: 25
Total number of people in household: 8
Did you have previous business experience? Yes, since I was small I
have run a business.
What type of business? Underwear, skirts, sandals and shoes, hair ties
and hair pins, etc.
What type of loan did you take? 5000 goud ($125US) at 2% interest each month.
What impact has this had on your business? My business grew a lot!
What have you gotten personally from participating? This has helped me
to be much more independent. I have also become more experienced as a


Credit Program Participant 2:

Age: 32
Total number of people in household: 4
What was your situation before joining the program? I didn’t have a
lot of money. So this helped.
Did you have a small business already? Yes, but it didn’t bring any
great profits.
But you are still in business? Yes.
What do you sell? Underwear, shoes, and skirts.
Do you currently owe money? No, I’ve repaid already.
What was the interest rate? 2% each month.
Did you have loans with any other organizations? No, just HTH/Fayette
Where are you at now with the business? Has it grown? Yes, it’s grown a lot.
What changes have you seen? I learned to track income and expenses on
paper. This was a good experience for me. I learned to run the
business in a serious and professional manner.
Do you have an suggestions regarding the future of the program? Yes, I
would like everyone to repay so that we can grow the program, and I
want us to support people who don’t read and write in order that they
can learn to track expenses in writing and do basic calculations


Microcredit Program Participant 3

Age: 43
total number of people in household: 4
what was your situation like before participating? It wasn’t good
Did you have a business when you started the credit program with us? No.
Did you have experience running a business? I had an earlier business
that I then stopped. SO yes, but not a whole lot. Customers were
unable to pay, and I sold some goods on credit for which I wasn’t
repaid. Life has been hard for people here.
What business are you in now? food products — rice, beans, oil,
salmon, sugar, and milk.
What has your interest rate been? %2 each month. With the other bank I
had borrowed from, it was4% each month.
Do you currently owe money? I currently owe on my HTH/GTAPF loan but I
do not owe any money elsewhere.
Has your business grown during this loan program? I grew the business
when I first took a loan but it is not growing at this point.
What changes have you seen in your business? I haven’t really seen
things improve at this point — I am having difficulty because I’ve
sold goods on credit and people are unable to repay me.
How has this program had an impact on you personally? It’s given me a
reason to put extra effort so that I can pay back what I owe. Life is
challenging for me now because I am not married.
Is there anything else you’d like to say? I would like to ask everyone
to make sure they pay back their loans so that we can grow the
microcredit program.’




Credit participant 4:

Number ofpeople in household: 9
Previous credit experiences: I have had loans from Fonkoze bank and from
individuals, in the past
Did you have a business already: Yes
And currently, you run a business? Yes, but I got sick and my sales declined.
What business are you in? Food products. I sell sugar, rice, oil,
corn, beans, millet, et cetera.
Did you have a pre-existing debt? Yes, but not much.
Do you currently owe anyone else? No, only Heads Together Haiti/ Fayette.
How is your business doing now? Sales have dropped a lot because I was
very sick.
What difference did you see due to participating in the credit
program? Before I joined the credit program my business had grown.
What impact did the credit program have on you? I increased my profits
because of the credit program.
Is there anything else you’d like to say? Yes — I’m going to do
everything I can to repay my loan, so that people who haven’t received
loans yet can participate. We need to keep the credit program running!