Miracles of Plenty in Haiti

I was thinking about the miracle of “the loaves and the fishes”, whereby Jesus feeds five thousand people with five loaves of bread and a couple fish. (John 6)

I was thinking about the miracle that makes it possible for one of us in Philadelphia to, for what we earn in about one hour of work, to make it possible for a teacher in Haiti to work for a whole week! And a week of work in a Philadelphia office can earn you enough to fund a school for 72 children for a month!

I was thinking about the trust it takes, to leave the work of teaching these schools to someone else and to participate in it mainly just behind-the-scenes in a supporting role.

I was thinking about the miracle that the teachers at countless rural Haitian schools care enough about their communities, the community of their family and closest friends, to work for free for years on end to make reading and writing a possibility for elementary school students.

One of these teachers, whose photo I’ve attached here, is named “Cheri Miracle” or “Beloved Miracle”.

The real miracle comes with the way teachers like these have inspired a great many other people to give an hour of their time, to give a box of chalk, to make some other contribution to the community. How this gift of inspiration is one that can repeat and repeat, and maybe never run out.

It’s a joy to be able to support the work of teachers like these.